Saturday, October 5, 2013


When One Is Down In Dumps

This was heard from a senior Satsangi.

A lady approached the Great Master, Hazur Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji for His autograph on a blank piece of paper.  He mentioned that let the lady write something first, about Sant Mat and He would then put his signature on that paper. The lady, taken by surprise and did not know how to react and what to write. In His Graciousness and Mercy, the Great Master then wrote the following in Urdu that could be translated (from what was heard and understood) something like this---

“When one is down in dumps and distressed, with no help or hope;

When the clouds of gloom strike with rain of pain in life;
When all friends and relatives abandon, turn hostile and the whole world appears to be an enemy;
When trust is betrayed and given a good-bye by all concerned;
When loneliness bites and sickness/ misery/ poverty prevails all over;
When despair and depression grips body and mind, and soul is restless;
When fear of unknown troubles every moment;
When all remedial means disappear;
When life becomes a trauma and a living tragedy;
When one is totally clueless of ‘what to do’;

Remember the Guru, Remember the Guru, Remember the Guru.”
(in Punjabi—the last line is said to have written like this---Guru, Guru, Guru, Guru…….. karo)

He read what was written for the benefit of  the lady and put His signatures on that piece of paper. Tears came rolling down the face of the lady---due to the solemnity of thought of these lines and the radiant Love that the Great Master had showered upon her.
For a disciple and a devotee, Guru is the only Hope and Help.

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