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1          QUESTION----How can we experience your blissful presence perpetually and not merely limited to physical presence during Satsangs and Darshans. Please do something about that.
ANSWER---Any relationship requires efforts and yearning from both sides. Not only from one side—from my side alone. If an aspirant makes a sincere effort, such results may be forthcoming.
2          QUESTION----An elderly relation of mine is in shady land grabbing deals of questionable manner. What is the remedy?
 ANSWER--- We don’t have to fault others and specially the elderly because they have their own karmic compulsions of which we may not be aware of. And elders should always be respected.  We need to keep our conduct clean and exemplary.
3          QUESTION----what is implied by giving Nam.
ANSWER---Nam is the Divine Creative power. Nam or Shabd is neither given nor taken. It is always with us as our spiritual inheritance.  There is no difference between  Nam, Atma and Parmtama. They are all one. Difference is in the degree of our realization. Sun and its rays can never be separated.  Looking up we see the sun. Looking down we see millions of his rays. At night the rays go back to the sun (yet the sun continues to exist).
Saints teach us the technique of how to realize that power of  Nam  and create an environment for realizing the Lord. Giving Nam is putting a child in a school. He must attend the school daily, learn his lessons and pass the exams for higher studies. He cannot make any progress till he puts in hard work.
4          QUESTION---- India is still defined as a poor country. Why so?
ANSWER--- Just because someone says we are poor doesn't make us poor. Very  rich countries may have a low level of happiness .Richness is not attributable to mere money power, though money is very vital aspect of life. Lack of contentment is also a form of poverty despite perceived richness. A person with millions of rupee may still be tense while a poor may be happy and satisfied. Money is not the absolute index of richness—it is one of the indices.
5          QUESTION---- What is the difference between salvation and Grand salvation-- referred in the book “Spiritual Perspective”.
ANSWER---- (Baba Ji smiled and said it appears as if you are taking my exam.) Difficult question to respond—but will guess. Salvation means Mukti from this cycle of Creation. Grand salvation implies Mukti from all subsequent cycles of Creations.
6          QUESTION---- what is the meaning of “Sant Mat”?
ANSWER---the essence of teachings of “all” saints is Sant Mat.
7          QUESTION---- My mother is suffering from a heart problem. please assist her in wellness.
ANSWER---All parents feel relieved when they feel that their children are settled. Work hard and “stand on your feet”—(an Indian term for getting settled in life). Your mother will automatically feel fine.
8          QUESTION-----            you are omnipresent but when we talk to you in our thoughts do you hear us?
ANSWER—(Smiling) what do you think? It all depends upon personal faith.

9          QUESTION---- My lady colleagues who are co-teachers in the school taunt me for being Radha Soami and not fasting during Navratras—holy days of Hindus.
ANSWER---Faith is indeed a personal matter. Religion and politics should never be argued for convincing each other.  God does not feel happy by our hunger or keeping us hungry, though fasting sometimes may be good for health. Referring indirectly and without mentioning to – Karva Chauth vrat-- fasting done by Hindu wives on a particular day in year for seeking Lord’s blessings for extension of life for their husbands, Baba Ji quipped if fasting can achieve that, then Mothers- in- Law will keep their daughters-in Law without food always, if it helps in extending the age of their sons.  
Fasting is symbolic –Bala –who accompanied Guru Nanak Sahib along with Mardana— was said to be always hungry. (Perhaps his hunger was spiritual rather physical). Likewise bathing in holy places had some importance of getting fresh before sitting in meditation. If by bathing at holy rivers one can attain salvation—why we are still here?
9          QUESTION----Not getting a job.
ANSWER-- – All cannot get the same job. Keep trying and work hard. In any election, only one candidate wins. Others have to do different work. All individuals have their destined mission which can be realised by making sincere efforts. Nothing comes free in life.
10        QUESTION—Burdens of life.
ANSWER—In not so distant past joint families lived in harmony. They mutually shared pain and pleasures of each other. They could lighten burden of others. In a nuclear family of present day age, an individual asserts its own identity and does not assist extended relationships, then he naturally becomes liable for all aspects of life himself and none shares his liabilities of life. If nuclei are small then multiplied responsibilities get focussed on very small surfaces.

11        QUESTION—Why age of giving Nam is 25 yrs and above.
ANSWER—Generally mind is very impressionable below that age. Individual should be able to take his independent decision without any form of pressure.
12        QUESTION—Nature of mind?
ANSWER—Mind is in the habit of finding easy way out irrespective of consequences. It never follows path of a straight line.  It is just like a river—it always flows in the downward direction. Where ever there is an obstruction it changes its course. We have to swim against the flow of mind that is the tide of five perversion-- by the power of Nam-- in a straight line, otherwise we well be dragged down in its convoluted route. 
13        QUESTION---Cleaning of mind ?
ANSWER-- BABAJI quoted the following form Sri Guru Granth Sahib endorsing that power of Nam is the only way of cleaning the mind.

मूत पलीती कपड़ु होइ
palīī kapa hoe.
When the clothes are soiled and stained by urine,
दे साबूणु लईऐ ओहु धोइ
e sābū laīai oh ḏẖoe.
soap can wash them clean.
भरीऐ मति पापा कै संगि
Barīai ma pāpā kai sang.
But when the intellect is stained and polluted by sin,
ओहु धोपै नावै कै रंगि
Oh ḏẖopai nāvai kai rang.
it can only be cleansed by the Love of the Name.

14        QUESTION-- By being humble I am always taken for a ride?
ANSWER – We have to strike a balance in life and should not allow ourselves to be a door mat. At the same time we should not hurt others unnecessarily with inflated ego or arrogance.
15        QUESTION-   Please pardon my gunaahs (sins/transgressions)
ANSWER-- Should not say like this. Life is a process of settlement of karmic accounts.
16        QUESTION --Why don't we remember our past karma so that we may not repeat them?
ANSWER—Forget Karmas of past life, do we remember the negative actions of this very life??


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