Wednesday, May 27, 2015


The narrative from epic Mahabharata regarding game of dice between Kaurvas and Pandvas in which the honor of Darupdi, the wife of five Pandvas, is put at stake is an apt illustration of surrender to Lord Krishna.

Pandvas lost their entire kingdom in the gamble to Kaurvas. To save their empire, Pandvas put Darupdi as the terminal bet to salvage their empire. But they lost Darupdi too. Having won the Game, Kaurvas proceeded to take vendetta of the past enmity between the two families.  

 Duryaodhan, the head of Kaurvas clan, ordered his brother Dushasana for disrobing Darupdi from her sari. Dushasana unwraps layers and layers of her sari. Terrified with fear, she looked for some compassionate intervention by all those present in the court and especially from five husbands--the Pandavas. None responded to her agony of being abused publically.

At the last moment when the last layer of the sari was to be snatched, she remembers and prays Lord Krishna for help. A miracle occurs henceforward as her sari keeps getting extended, everyone looks upon in awe, and Dushasana himself is forced to stop due to exhaustion. That was how the honor of Darupdi was protected by Divine intermediation.

A few days later Darupdi goes in person to express her gratitude to Lord Krishna. She also asks the Lord why He helped her in the last moment and why not earlier. Lord Krishna responded that she remembered Him “only” at the last moment.

The moral is so long as disciples and seekers continue to seek illusive crutches of family, relationships or material paraphernalia; they prevent the power play of the Divinity. It is the self- extermination of ego and complete surrender that lead to the blessings and the grace of the Lord.

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