Sunday, November 2, 2014



Tejinder Narang

God is deemed to be self born and self sustaining. This remains a mystified mystery because in our understanding energy can be produced by energy only.  This concept of God can be somewhat captured by witnessing working of His creation. Look at the palentary cosmos and five elements of nature. They too appear to be self sustaining. They are provider of energy for all living beings, food, electricity, wood steel etc.. The power of these by- products  gives us life though we tend to unconsciously believe that we are living of our own free will. This understanding is absolutely errorenous.
For explaining God and its connectivity with creation, mystics find numerous ways and jargons. Mirdad says that there is “Macro-God”. His “creation” is termed Micro-God which is Time and Space encapsulation of the Macro. Kabir descripts Macro-Micro relationship as of  Ocean and the drop for Parmtama and Atma.
Scientist confirm that “God particle” as some sort of soul  is  diffused in formless gas, concentrated in liquid which when evolutes acquires form and fixity in mineral. In vegetables God acquires capacity to grow, multiply and feel. In animals additional properties of movement, memory and rudimentary thoughts are inherited. In man he inherits personality, ability to contemplate, express, to create and liberate. All that is said above has evolved in time and space as per the programme set by Macro-God.
Time means change. Space implies matter or which is made of matter to which the being deems as the Reality. Growth in spirituality needs getting out of the dome of Time and Space. Says Mirdad , “the ultimate growth is the outgrowing of space ; outstripping of time; getting freedom from bonds of Time and space—which is the only freedom worth the name for the soul.  

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