Saturday, August 30, 2014



Tejinder Narang
When God decided to experience Life, He fractionalised Himself into souls; clothed them with mind and bodies and created multiplicity of active identities for mutual interaction. Finally, He disrobed them and made them fade into dormancy of oblivion of Oneness.
In intervening period, Man- the pinnacle of Lord’s creative expertise amongst all species-- and his life are riddled with unsavoury contradictions. He is chained in thoughts, resultant actions and circumstances which are not his making. Fear of loss happiness leads to unhappiness; wealth and power come with anxiety, envy and sleepless nights. Body continues to wither till it vanishes. All academic and professional acquisitions are buried in grave.  
Advice to man is--forgive all who hurt him, seek forgiveness for his egotism/ arrogance and be grateful to God for his cosmic creation. Right and wrong, he realizes, are relative states of mind. Truth remains elusive.
With powerful pull of physical world, man’s conviction in spiritual contemplation and   Divinity remains flippant.   Doubting Thomas he remains. As life burdens him, he accepts Divine Will with inner remorse and reluctance. Intellectually he knows there is no other way.

The greatest mystical paradox of life is to get out of trans- migratory cycle of bodies to know Life. Sufi Bulle Shah says Lord tricked souls to experience life; gifted them mind of five perversions, karmas, pain of His separation, and fear of death and promised that He will personally redeem them. Whenever Lord appears in human form as “Son of the Father” for redemption, He largely goes unrecognised, misunderstood and misconstrued by masses. Man thus remains tied to cycle of transmigration.

Why of Life is akin to experiencing feel of water in a mirage of a desert!!   

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