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DEFIANT DIVINITY--appeared in the ECONOMIC TIMES ON 26.04.2014

DEFIANT DIVINITY--appeared in the ECONOMIC TIMES ON 26.04.2014
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Defiant Divinity
Tejinder Narang
 God is known by His noble attributes like the truth, all-knowing, loving, compassionate, provider, forgiver, benefactor etc. In Sufi literature Lord is also referred as “Be-parwah (defiant or immune to discipline)”who acts in His Mauj( whims or impulsive nature).
 Some of citations of God’s bundle of contradictions are — He gifts life that is dying every moment.  He projects this creation at his own impulse without any accountability, while principle of karmic retribution is applied to all. Man—made by God with the finest of His Creative expertise –has, by and large, qualities with no semblance to His virtuosity. His presence is veiled in creation, when He is fearless per se.  
Despite being Lord of compassion, He advises Arjuna to fight and kill, so that Dharma or righteousness may prevail.  As God-Man or Man-God, Jesus submits in perfect humility to gallows to re-affirm and proclaim principle of Word of God. To His own incarnation Rama, He assigns jungles and let the evil in Ravana game with his dedicated wife.  Oxymoron is He—atheists may shout??
Mount of Sinai is reduced to ashes just to evidence His presence to Moses. What was the fault of a mute mountain?? He havocs earthquakes, volcanos and famines yet considered kind. Can such disasters be deemed a sort of developmental agenda for future generations? Who knows?? Five elements of Nature—fire, earth, air, water, ether—are made mutually inimical but generously sustain life.
Totally defiant in His own way but yet may be merciful from another perspective. Behind this fa├žade there must be a grand incomprehensible purpose. Not even mystics can express it. Bulle Shah should have said “Ki Jana oh kaun”—(Who He is) instead of “ Ki jana mein kaun”(who am I)!!

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