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BABA JI (DERA BEAS) –12.10.2013 DELHI--


1.         QUESTION-- Do hell and heaven exist?
ANSWER-Concept of heaven and hell is symbolic. They are meant to convey sense of good and bad; of positive and negative.  Peace and serenity of mind symbolizes heaven. Chaotic state of mind represents hell. When our objective is much higher--of salvation- why bother about hell and heaven.

2.         QUESTION –BHOOT-PRET--Ghosts & Spirits or disembodied entities, do they exist?
ANSWERS--These are creations of weak minds. By weakened mind we allow ourselves to be dominated by such thoughts. In a movie hall, we laugh, cry, love and hate depending upon cinematic projection. Our mind is overwhelmed or controlled by the imaginative theme. The moment we realize that the reality is different from the illusion on the screen and get disengaged from the story, our reactions are normalised. For empowered mind, they (Ghosts) have no existence.

3.         QUESTION –Sometime incident of past lives are felt!! Can that happen?

ANSWERS--Strong impressions/incidents of past lives can be inferred sometime. Do not  give any importance to such flashbacks.
4.         QUESTION -Conflict of caste system dominates Indian Society, a young girl enquires.    
ANSWERS--For me all are equal. All are part of Lord’s creation.  Caste system of four kinds was profiled on the basis of work ethics in earlier times. Brahmins taught and rendered religious services; Khastriyas performed duties of soldiers or military class; Traders were known as Vaishnavas; and fourth class acted as farming community. All have equal standing. But, I am not going to answer what you have in mind.  You must discuss that issue with your parents.
5.         QUESTION--   Video shown before every Satsang on non-discrimination of girl child versus a baby boy has not made any impact even on Satsangi families.
ANSWERS-Families and societies get into inflexible mould of mind-set over the centuries. It cannot be overcome easily. What the generation of your parents have gone through is the criteria applied in present day and age.   It takes a generation or two to change that. But by repeatedly stressing the right thing attitudinal change will come.

6.         QUESTION--If Destiny is predetermined, then what is role of effort?
ANSWER— Destiny cannot be changed and destiny cannot be known.
 Effect of destined events can be mitigated by Bhajan and Simran-by making the mind strong and living in His will. “Sooli da sool reh jayega” (from the agony of noose of a hangman it can be reduced to a mere prick of a needle).
Since destiny is unknown, efforts in the form of choices have to be made. The result of those efforts is not under our control. For taking a bath or eating food etc., action has to be taken. One can’t be just sitting and waiting things to happen.
While playing game of cards “(taash)”, each player is distributed one’s quota of cards. Some might get good cards and others may be given bad or average lots. That is analogous to destiny. But if someone plays good game with bad cards-- he wins, while others with good card combination might lose if they play wrongly. That is the effect of effort.
7          QUESTION –What is the difference between soul and mind?  
ANSWER –Soul is an integral part of Divine. Mind is an entity for functioning of soul in this world. Mind is powered by the soul. Mind of its own has no power except that is given to it by us or by the self. Mind is generally spoiled like a small child by us. Elders may pamper a child with gifts and sweets. The child becomes habituated for cravings and chasing them endlessly. Who has spoiled the child? We have made him that way.
Likewise mind gets accustomed in making compelling demands on the soul (for fulfilment of the physical and transitory). Soul is then controlled (or imprisoned) by mind and therefore suffers by its antics. While driving a car if the steering is in your hand, you can go where ever you want. If the steering is handed over to another person then you go where the driver takes you.
8          QUESTION – plants too have life. Vegetarianism also involves killing of life. How is this different from Non vegetarianism?
ANSWER –the quality of life depends upon the number of proactive elements of Nature. In man all five elements—air, fire, water, earth, ether (intelligence)—are fully active. Man is therefore recognised as the top most species of the creation. Then down the hierarchical ladder comes animals/ mammals, those born out of eggs, insects produced by weather; plant kingdom etc. They all have life but in descending order.
If you pluck a flower from your neighbour’s garden, he might scold you. Killing a chicken might lead to a fight while slaughtering his horse you may be reprimanded as a short term jail; murdering the neighbour may be punishable to death by hanging.
All above instances involve extermination of life but with varying degree of punishment. Since plant kingdom is the lowest evolved form of life, its eating or killing, involves least karmic retribution. Therefore vegetarianism carries the miniscule karmic reprisal which can be offset by meditation.
Pointing to the young boy, Babaji said-- you are now wearing a T-shirt and you do not feel its weight. If 20 kg of load is placed on your head, you will be virtually immobilised. Similarly karmic liability arising out of plant kingdom or inhaling even environmental bacteria during breathing involves minimum penalty.
Hazur Mahraj Ji used to explain that if a person has eaten say 40 chickens in a life time, it does not mean that he has to reincarnate 40 times as a chicken. The substantive punishment is co-related to the intensity of pain caused in killing of 40 chicks—that means he suffers comparable pain.   
9          QUESTION—How can we know bad karmic conduct of previous lives, avoid repetition and remove negativity in life?
ANSWER—We are in the habit of repeating mistakes. As said yesterday (11.10.2013), even if we remember negative deeds of earlier lives it may not help much. We still continue to falter in this life.
The distinction of good and bad is relative. Lord makes no mistakes. In His scheme of things He has not erred.  But Man is the most ungrateful creature. Even an animal proves its loyalty to the one who gives him some food. Despite abundance of His grace, Man fails to acknowledge and appreciate His concern for the Man. If everything has to happen as per an individual’s preference and greed, it may be difficult to survive in this world.
If we live in His will—we automatically generate positivity. If we fight with whatever is destined for us which is unacceptable to mind, we create negativity. Nothing can be changed by our being negative while we fuel the fire of mind and create undesirable karmic liability for future lives.
10        QUESTION—I am always nervous before giving any public audition or speech. How can that be helped?
ANSWER—I am also nervous before every Satsang. That is usual. With practice only, initial anxiety comes down.There is always a need for striking a balance between under-confidence and over-confidence. 
11        QUESTION—You are smiling here, why are you so serious in Satsangs?
 ANSWER—none will take me seriously, if I keep on smiling.When one finds that despite repeated pleas for compliance to meditation, still majority is a defaulter, you do not expect me to be smiling.
12        QUESTION—Hazur Maharaj ji gave “khule” Darshan (open Darshan ) to the sangat. Why that is not feasible now.
 ANSWER—I also move about freely subject to security protocol prescribed by Dera Authorities.

13      QUESTION-for my bad karmas of previous lives, I suffer now—but why my parents and relatives have to go through that suffering with me.
 ANSWER—They are also connected in a karmic chain with you. All your present connections are part of that chain and suffering of the relatives is part of their Karmic destiny.

14        QUESTION—when some women shriek with hysteria and fall back in Satsang, is it surat being pulled up?

ANSWER—Women are highly emotional. They lose control on themselves when they are unable to restrain their emotive balance. It is generally that sensitivity rather than any inner or upward pull.
15        QUESTION—If all are equal in the eyes of the Lord, why special arrangements are made for seating VIPs, NRIs etc. in Satsang. Why we can’t be sitting in front for better Darshan? Asked a young girl.
ANSWER—I am open to implement any other workable solution. Please do advise me. But in practical terms some arrangements are required to be made for all. Even in communist Russia where everyone is deemed “equal”—special roads have been made or areas reserved for VIPs and Generals.
You do not come here to give Darshan but to take Darshan. And for that devotion is the sole criteria than the seating arrangements. Grace can be blessed to the one sitting thousands miles away and can be denied to those sitting just in the front.
If getting importance is important then you will receive that importance here. If spiritual grace is sought, then the same will be given. Choose between the “importance” and “Grace”. Tell me what you prefer?
REPLY from the young girl.—Grace.

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