Sunday, September 22, 2013


 Satsang (in English)- New Delhi 13.10.2012
(From memory recall-as understood)

In normal course we consider “Spirituality” with “attainments” in Life. Spirituality is in fact an “Awakening” and not some sort of attainment. Attainment is something that you do not have and you have to work for it. All of us are “spiritual beings” having “”human experience”.  We are unaware of the inherent spirituality within all of us.  All we need to do is to “awaken” that spirituality that we already have. This is gifted equally to all of us. It is not that Saints have more and others have less.  The difference is that Saints have become conscious to that spirituality, while we have yet to “awaken” to that state in consciousness.

We all know that this creation is created and sustained by the Shabd. We need Shabd as our anchor in Life. In our daily activities we are attached to the physical, which is changing and transitory.  This is what is called Maya, which is not permanent.  “Aye Jaye, Yeh May ka Roop”—something which comes and goes is Maya. In physical we are limited, while Shabd is unlimited. Any sickness or accident in life disturbs us. If we get the support of all powerful and permanent Shabd we are able to live through that period with ease in our life. 

The awakening of Shabd or the spirituality within comes through meditation and concentration. What can our efforts achieve? They are limited as compared to the objective we are seeking.  With our efforts we are merely trying to clean ourselves so that we may become receptive to His grace. The entire stress on “Nam Bhkati”or Simran is to ensure that preparedness for receptivity. Normally we pray for his grace. His grace is there all the time but we remain ignorant of the many ways He showers His grace. But for His grace we would not have taken this human birth. With spiritual awakening we can realize and appreciate that flow of Grace.

Many persons complain that despite their efforts, they have not been able to see any “light” or hear any “sound”. “Light” represents development of higher Consciousness. The more the Shabd becomes as anchor in our lives, it takes us away from Maya and that provides realization, which is the “light” of higher understanding. Sound is meant to provide sense of direction and takes us to the source from where the sound is coming— whether we are going on the correct course of spirituality.   

Maharaj ji has blessed us with Nam, He has seen that spark of our capabilities and has taken full responsibility for that spiritual awakening. Right direction has been determined. A little time and a little effort is required to walk in that very direction.

We need to devote a little time and a little effort for the commitment we made to  Maharaj Ji at the time of initiation and He shall take full care of us. Nothing will be lacking.

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